Interactive Workshop

April 4 | Shepard Spotlight | 12:00-2:00pm | Yellowstone Ballroom 

Robb Leigh Davis (Performing Artist) with GLARE 
Eliza Dragowski, Herman Jiesamfoek, Paul McCabe, Wayne Reed, Florence Rubinson, and Maria Scharron-del Rio.


In this session, GLARE and performing artist Robb Leigh Davis, lead an interactive workshop which gives voice to the marginalization that occurs at the intersections of our multiple identities. Using three seminal moments in civil rights history as a context, the presenters draw on their autobiographies and the narratives of others, to peel away the layers of present-day discrimination and to challenge their audience to new levels of non-conformity and non-compliance. So long as society privileges as “normal” those who determine the safety and well-being of those labeled as “abnormal” or “queer”—there is no democracy! So long as a culture of repression supported by our political, cultural, educational and religious institutions, dictates how love is expressed and honored—there is no justice! So long as differences of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, religion or physical ability are used to separate rather than embrace us—there is no peace!

At the crossroads, we become visible.

At the crossroads, we find our voice.

At the crossroads, we overcome oppression.